Yousef F. Janajri

Software Engineer



Lead Backend Engineer

Inbox, Inc. New York City, NY
  • Designed and implemented a realtime, distributed messaging backend that scaled to over 50mm messages/week.
  • Websocket protocol used for online and offline data sync needs with global low latency and bandwith requirements
  • Built Inbox's Beta web application on React frontend framework
  • [Docker] [Elixir] [Cassandra] [ElasticSearch] [React] [AWS]

Junior Backend Engineer and Early Founder

Inbox, Inc. New York City, NY
  • Collaborated with CTO to design a custom messaging websocket api for Inbox Messenger (iOS/Android/Web)
  • Designed a regionally distributed media uploading architecture for minimal latency
  • [Golang] [Nodejs] [ElasticSearch] [RabbitMQ] [MongoDB] [Redis] [AWS]

Business Analyst and VFA Fellow

RJ Metrics/Venture For America Philadelphia, PA
  • Iterated on a customer onboarding pipeline and process, and onboard new Account Managers and Data Analysts
  • Consulted clients on data analytics via custom built marketing and financial dashboards, built for their needs
  • [MySQL] [Python] [RJMetrics]

Valuation & Business Modeling Analyst

Ernst & Young, LLP New York City, NY
  • Performed valuation analysis and designed financial models for a number of clients spanning various industries including: media & entertainment/telecom, retail, pharmaceutical, and asset management.
  • Spearhead an operational excellence initiative for a high-profile engagement managing a team of three to build MS excel plugins that increased workflow efficiency; over 2,500 hours or $350K in savings.
  • [CapIQ] [MS Excel] [VBA] [Bloomberg]

Selected Projects



  • Mailing your rent is as easy as sending a venmo payment online: (soon)
  • One page React web app with an Elixir rest api

Inbox Web (beta)

Inbox, Inc.
  • Built a full-featured Inbox Messenger experience using Facebook's React framework

Capstone project

Puritek, Inc.
  • Advised our client to enter the Athlete’s Foot-care market with their patented iodinated-nylon technology. (Patent # 6,565,866)
  • Performed extensive market research; drafted a production plan; engineered and tested a microbial sock prototype.
  • Produced a business model and designed a financial model for a year-end presentation to a panel of VCs and industry experts.



Modern Standard Arabic

Birzeit University Birzeit, Palestine

B.S. Integrated Business and Engineering, Industrial Engineering

Lehigh University Bethelehem, PA
GPA 3.74/4.0

Additional Courses

  • Introduction to Algorithms (coursera)
  • Web Development (udacity)